Revision Clocks


One of the most useful tips to come out of the recent TeachMeet event at Vyners School was a really simple resource to help aid students’ revision; Revision Clocks. Many staff have already been using these resources whilst others have employed them since and given the imminence of the upcoming exams I thought this would be an opportune time to share.

The premise is simple. Lessons / revision sessions are broken into short 5/10 minute blocks. In each of these timed blocks, students make notes on different aspects of the course. In an hour this could be 12 different topics of 5 mins each, either given to students in advance of the task or released on a ‘need to know every 5 minutes’ basis. These notes are made on their ‘Revision Clock’ worksheets.

Equally the slots could be allocated to tasks requiring different exam skills or problems that they need to solve.

The images show how Heidi Loveland has been using them with her exam classes, with students even encouraged to RAG rate their knowledge.


Below are links to two Revision Clock templates (one for 5 minute and one for 10 minute blocks). No doubt your own personal ingenuity can find a multitude of ways in which they can be incorporated into lessons.