Are Kahoot quizzes just a bit of fun?


I have used Kahoot as a fun quiz technique in my lessons for some time, however a recent discovery of the analysis function in Kahoot has led me to consider it’s impact on learning.  Let me explain….

Kahoot is basically an online quiz that can be played in lesson with students using tablets or smartphones as handheld devices to select answers and play against each other.  It’s fun (despite the annoying music) for students – competitive, interactive, instant and quick.  The quizzes are quick to set up and can be reused again and again.

It can be used to test learning mid topic or at the end of a topic, but more recently I have used it to identify any misconceptions from pre-reading (flipped learning).

Now for the analysis bit…

Once the quiz is finished and the scoreboard is revealed a spreadsheet can be downloaded and displayed to students containing data on scores, question by question analysis and so on…have a look at the examples here.

I have used it to identify topics that need re-teaching and also to set focused personalised independent learning on questions that each individual got wrong.  I have replayed the quiz after re-teaching or independent learning and measured the progress of students.


After a period of personalised independent learning….


Try it by going to