Reflective Questioning


When getting students to REACT to a task, it is also worth considering getting them to REACT to their own thought process and what they were thinking during the task. As the EEF asserts, metacognition / self-awareness of how students learn is a key factor for raising attainment

Below is a series of questions that work as useful prompts to get students to reflect on this. 

  1. How effective was your thinking today? Why?
  2. What were you thinking about during the task?
  3. What different strategies did you try? Which worked best?
  4. If you were going to think about the problem again, what might you do differently?
  5. How would you see your thinking changing next lesson?
  6. Which strategies worked? Why did they work?
  7. How else could you have thought about the problem? What might have been the result?
  8. Where did you get stuck today? Why did this happen?
  9. Do you think your thinking was challenged today? Why?
  10. Where did you get your ideas from?