Running and Learning #2: Extra Tuition


I’ve got an extra trainer. Mum was so devastated when I missed my MEG by 10 minutes that she is willing to pay the big bucks for someone to give me extra help me. What’s worse, is that it’s on a Friday! I’m convinced it’s an over-reaction but she says that if I put in the hard work now then I will be rewarded. Trainer Gooch charges a fortune but if the results are what he has promised then I guess it will be worth it. It all feels like more and more pressure to be honest. Now, if I don’t hit my MEG it’s not just Coach Neil and my colleagues I’m disappointing, it’s also Trainer Gooch. Also, my friend Sandy is just as rubbish at running as me but his mum says she can’t afford the exorbitant fees that Trainer Gooch is charging. Overall I’m really not sure these extra sessions (especially the really expensive sessions) should be allowed. Surely I should have to declare that I have attended Trainer Gooch School of Running before my final assessment in December? And what about Sandy? He doesn’t really stand a chance.