Remote Learning

On this page we will be hosting important and useful articles and videos regarding remote learning.

Live Lesson Guidance

Click HERE for a copy of Haydon School’s Live Teaching Teacher’s Guidance

How To Videos

Remote Learning Articles

  • Learning Strategies in Remote Learning
  • Teaching from Home podcasts
  • Screencasting Options
  • Making pre-recorded videos HERE
  • Workarounds for online teaching HERE
  • Making the switch to live lessons HERE
  • Remote learning and making plans HERE
  • Why remote learning is hard HERE
  • Learning loss: what we know and how to move forward HERE
  • A collection of retrieval practice research and resources HERE
  • 5 strategies for independent study HERE
  • What does behaviour management look like with remote teaching? HERE (or click directly to PDF HERE)
  • Things we shouldn’t forget about memory when teaching remotely HERE
  • 5 things I had to learn to be a better remote teacher HERE
  • Online retrieval practice HERE
  • Building motivation for remote learning HERE
  • How do I get my students to attend my online lessons? HERE